Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund Endorsements

Georgia Conservation Voters supports candidates at the state, county, city, and local levels who are willing to stand at the forefront of the fight against climate change and other environmental problems facing Georgia today. Our endorsements help Georgia’s millions of pro-environment voters understand which candidates are truly committed to advancing climate and environmental justice.

Please note that GCV does not provide endorsements to federal candidates. Instead, federal endorsements are provided by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund.  If you are a candidate running for a federal office, such as U.S. Senate or U.S. Congress, please contact Craig Auster the League of Conservation Voters before connecting with us.

Endorsements are provided through the Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund, our political action committee. The GCV Action Fund does not endorse in every race and seeks as much balance as possible in its endorsements. We look to endorse and support candidates from all political parties. However, this continues to be a major challenge as only 27 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents agree that climate change is a ‘major threat’ to the United States. We encourage endorsement questionnaires from all parties and encourage candidates to be bold in their support for protecting the environment and addressing climate change.

Submit Your Online Candidate Questionnaire

Download the Candidate Questionnaire

The Process

Questionnaires are prepared by staff in partnership with our partners in the environmental community. GCV staff makes the best efforts to obtain questionnaires from all qualified candidates in races where GCV Action Fund is considering making an endorsement. The GCV team and members of our Political Committee may at their discretion request interviews from candidates seeking endorsement to further clarify questionnaire responses or race dynamics.

Please note that questionnaires can be waved for some candidates at the discretion of the GCV Action Fund Political Committee. Questionnaires are not required for incumbents or candidates who were endorsed by the GCV Action Fund in the past. 

Updated Endorsement Timeline

Approval & Publication

After a candidate is formally approved for endorsement, candidates can expect the following:

  • GCV Action Fund will issue a press release announcing our official endorsements; candidates may also issue their own press release separately.
  • Endorsed candidates can request support from the GCV team in the form of paid media, social media, volunteers, and contributions.
  • Endorsed candidates may at any time include the GCV Action Fund logo on printed and digital media for the duration of the campaign in which they were endorsed.