We need legislative policy changes NOW to protect people and the planet

Georgia’s environment needs champions at the state capitol to advance climate solutions that can help us keep megatons of carbon out of the atmosphere. But these solutions won’t become policy without dedicated legislators and environmental organizations working together relentlessly to make them a reality.

That’s why GCV works with a network of partners and the state’s top environmental legislators to help keep you informed about bills that impact our air, water, and land. We help legislators and voters like you easily find and support bills for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

What is the Georgia General Assembly?

The Georgia General Assembly (also called the Georgia Legislature) is the Legislative branch of Georgia’s State government. The Georgia General Assembly is made up of 56 State Senators and 180 House Representatives. They serve two-year terms with no term limits and meet annually for a 40-day session. The main responsibility of the General Assembly is to pass a budget for the upcoming year. They also introduce and vote on legislation, and can pass constitutional amendments which are placed on ballots for voters to decide.

Learn more on the Georgia General Assembly’s official website here.

What does the General Assembly do?

Every year state senators and state representatives meet for a 40-day legislative session. These sessions last for two years and take place between two annual 40-day sessions which usually take place from January to April. During these sessions, hundreds of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments are introduced, debated, voted on, and amended. Additionally, they create and pass the state’s budget for the next fiscal year.

How does the General Assembly pass a bill?

A simple majority of legislators are needed to pass a bill (29 Senators, 91 Representatives), with a 2/3 majority needed to override the governor’s veto. To learn more about how a bill becomes a law, check out this flow chart or watch the video below.


How do I find out more about my state legislators?

You can find out who your State Senator and State Representatives are using either OpenStates.org or the Empowrd App. These apps also make it easy to find contact information for your legislators. Your elected legislators are there to represent you and are responsible for addressing your concerns.  Don’t be intimidated to contact them and tell them the kind of action you want to see on climate and environment. Remember that they work for you and other residents of your district.

Find out how our legislators are voting on climate and environmental justice with our Georgia Legislative scorecard. GCV releases the scorecard at the end of every two-year legislative session

What can you do to help?

We’re happy to hear you want to help! You can find several ways to take action here.

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